Task 2 [working towards P7]

Movement of the Earth’s tectonic plates can result in earthquakes such as those experienced in Kobe in Japan (1995), Kashmir in Pakistan (2005) and Port au Prince in Haiti (2010). Below is a diagram showing all the major tectonic plates and how they fit together. The regions at which two plates meet are called fault lines and are shown as bold lines in the diagram



1.     Using an atlas identify the following countries using the letters A-C

                     i.        Haiti: ___

                    ii.        Japan: ___

                  iii.        Pakistan: ___

2.    What do you notice about the position of all three of these countries?

3.    What does this tell you about areas which are susceptible to earthquakes?

4.    The North American city of San Francisco is susceptible to earthquakes. Based on your knowledge of earthquakes and without looking at the atlas, mark on the map where you think it is located and explain why.

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