Task 2: Electromagnetic Spectrum

Complete the following worksheet.

Go to the web site www.darvill.clara.net/emag

1.     Click on “How the waves fit into the spectrum” and fill in this table

1.     Click on “Radio waves”. They are used for _______________________

2.    Click on “Microwaves”.  They are used for cooking, mobile _________,   _______  cameras and _________.

3.    Click on “Infra-red”. These waves are given off by _____   _________.  They are used for remote controls, cameras in police 

____________ ,   and alarm systems.

4.    Click on “Visible Light”. This is used in ___ players and _______ printers, and for seeing where we’re going.

5.    “UV” stands for “ ________    ___________”. This can damage the ___________ in your eyes, and cause sunburn and even 

_______ cancer. Its uses include detecting forged __________________   _______.

6.    X-rays are used to see inside people, and for _________ security.

7.    Gamma rays are given off by some  ________________ substances. We can use them to kill ________ cells, which is called 


My Quiz score is ____%.

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